Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break Library

UNCC has a lot of students who stick around for Spring Break. I saw many of them in the library yesterday. Lots of people doing work: paper writing, test prep, tutoring, collaborative study. A few relaxing, watching videos, checking out DVDs from the Green Box on the 2nd floor.

Why are you in the library over Spring Break? Is this a chance to get work done before everyone else comes back? Do you like the library better or worse with less people in it?


  1. I used the library a little bit over spring break so that I could update tracking information for a package I sent via amazon.com, and also to update my website.

  2. spending time in the library during spring break probably means youre either a foreign student or youre a grad student...either way, youre probably most likely to either be mired in a tough program or expecting a high level of performance in your grades. thats why i always ended up in the library during breaks.


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