Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ground Floor Reconfigure

I'm sure you've noticed something different about the Ground Floor--new cafe name, furniture rearranged, carrels moving out.

Now it's REALLY different.  Check it out.

So, what will you do in this new space?
Will you do the same things?
Will you have to find another place to go?
Have you ever worked on the ground floor before?  Do you think you will, now?


  1. It's great, I love how the white desks are so long and close to the chair I sit in. Also, I like how I can talk in this area, and that there are white boards, I now study here a few times a week.

  2. This new arrangement is certainly better than the previous setup (two columns of desks all the way down the hallway). I've spent many long nights crowded around these white boards with groups of classmates/friends.

    Great work.


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